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Organizational health and effectiveness depends on leadership’s capacity to continually consider system-wide perspective and implement practical tools (interventions) grounded in behavioral-science research. With the transformative process below, Papercrane Process Consulting facilitates the organizational development process for nonprofits, social enterprises and socially responsible corporations.

Our Process


We listen and gather data regarding an organization or team’s challenges to reveal the value of change. We guide leaders to prioritize and select tools (formally known as interventions) for addressing needs.


We facilitate action by counseling leaders and teams to create and implement a plan. We facilitate action by counseling leaders and teams to create and implement a plan. 


We facilitate action by counseling leaders and teams to create and implement a plan. We examine the  effectiveness, impact and efficacy of efforts to inform future growth and effectiveness.     

Founding Story

Paper cranes represent an intentional process to usher in transformation and change.  

As organizations go through distinct phases in their life cycle, Paper Cranes Consulting provides behind the scenes guidance and support to leaders who desire growth and seek to navigate change with awareness, ease and a desire for a sustained, thriving future.

Whether you’re looking for a strategic plan, a facilitator to guide efforts during more turbulent times, or a way to improve your processes and communication, Paper Cranes Consulting is your unique resource for cultivating awareness and developing skills to navigate each phase so organizations and individuals can thrive.

With 15 years of experience innovating in small business, corporate and nonprofit sectors, our founder, Rachel Mickelson has proven experience as a catalyst for change. As a life-long learner, Rachel also holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, Bachelors in Communication Studies and is a graduate of YWEB Career Academy. 

In her own words: Moving 18 times by age 18, I have been managing change and making sense of people and structures most of my life. During that time, I folded dozens of paper cranes when given a school assignment to fold a single crane. Paper cranes are symbolic of transformation and the change process I am still captivated by today. Now, I work with organizations to continuously renew themselves. Over the years, I’ve seen and listened to the challenges organizations commonly face. These real-world insights and curation of pertinent research have laid the ground work for us to collaborate in cultivating lasting change. 

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