Organization Development (OD) is an ongoing, leadership planning process informed by system-wide perspective that invites growth with practical tools grounded in behavioral-science research. 

Just as hikers do not make long-distance trips without proper learning, planning, equipment, support, and community, so too must organizational apply such an approach to survive and thrive. 

When you’d like some help in seeing the forest for the trees, consider us as an outfitter for the journey. 


• Is your organization embarking on a significant change?
• Do dependable solutions no longer provide the same impact?• Does it feel like something HAS to give? 

If so, it’s time to partner with an outside source like Papercrane Solutions. Our process begins with listening, reviewing and gathering data with proven research techniques, and co-developing a road map towards greater sustainability and effectiveness.

Balancing stability and innovation as well as human factors and a rapidly changing environment, Papercrane Solutions facilitates the Organization Development process to develop your strategy, structure, and process with regard for your most valuable assets: people. Following are a few examples of tangible solutions. 

Team Development + Skills Training

To journey well, new and transitioning teams need acceptance, communication and decision making, motivation and productivity, and alignment with organizational needs. 

Leadership Development

As you support your team in their adventures, who is supporting you? Leadership can be a lonely job and there are many practical tools that can support you as you support others.  

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning identifies with ease where you are going (and why) as well as how you will get there logistically. 

Intentional Communication

Intentional communication ensures a clear and consistent message, guiding and empowering each individual to contribute towards the goal.  

Organizational Design

An organization’s structure impacts how people, process and workflows function and interact. Shifts can occur without notice, making it critical to check and repair your framework periodically. 

Change Management

Change management begins with an area of focus supported by leadership, parlaying into an intentional, participatory process.

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